Yonghwi Jin


I'm first year Ph.D. student in SSLab advised by Taesoo Kim.

Research Interests

Representing machine-code in understandable & verifiable way

A computer program is compiled from human-written code to machine-understandable representation. Doing analysis for various programming language codes may require linear implementation costs. My goal is to bring existing techniques into this level, and enable humans to understand the semantic of a program. Ideally, I want to make framework that researchers can do scalable, fine-grained analysis without language-specific, and repetitive implementations which is current status.


Georgia Institute of Technology 2018.08 - present

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science in SSLab

Korea University 2015.03 - 2018.02

  • B.S. in Engineering



Compromising the macOS Kernel through Safari by Chaining Six Vulnerabilities

Yonghwi Jin, Jungwon Lim, Insu Yun, and Taesoo Kim. Black Hat USA 2020

Return to dynamic linker

Yonghwi Jin. CODEGATE 2014 Junior (Korean)

Other experiences


  • CS6265 OMS, Georgia Tech Fall 2019

Vulnerability Report Programs 2016 - present

  • Apple macOS 5 CVEs in Pwn2Own 2020
  • Google Chrome CVE-2016-5156, CVE-2017-5039, 625475, CVE-2017-15430
  • Naver, KISA, HackerOne

Best of the Best (Top 10 awards) 2014.07 ~ 2015.03

  • Automated Vulnerability Discovery and Analysis Framework
  • - Usage of Pin, Z3 to create a trace-based symbolic execution tool for x86 machines
  • BitTorrent, Tor Vulnerability Research
  • - Reported a uTorrent DHT DoS vulnerability

Whitehash Program 2014 Scholarship student

  • Research on "General unpacker for Virtualization-based binary obfuscators"

Honors & Awards

I have participated a lot of security contests (CTF, pwn2own, ...). What is CTF?